49 Picture-Perfect Reasons To Spend Your Next Summer In Denmark

This post aims to show you how lovely Denmark is during the summer. You should definitely visit! However, we are, of course, a bit biased when it comes to our home country. It makes sense for you to think that we are just publishing this overly positive post because we are Danes ourselves. If you do, make sure to scroll through all the pictures below. If they don’t trigger some sort of wanderlust for this little Scandinavian gem of a country, we honestly don’t know what will. In that case, you should probably just stay away.

We specifically want to highlight the summer season. It is most Danes’ favourite time of the year, and it’s definitely ours! The country really comes alive with happy people in the streets, at the beach, in the parks and pretty much all around. You may think that all these people will make Denmark feel overcrowded – but no – the opposite is actually true. More people liven the place up, and it’s great! The atmosphere skyrockets and you’ll be hardpressed to walk around without a smile on your face. We know because each summer we always try to spend some time back home with family and friends. Take this from the locals: Summer is the best time of the year in Denmark!

That Denmark is the perfect summer destination is especially true if you travel beyond the capital of Copenhagen! The vast beaches and the lush countryside are adorable! If you don’t believe us, check out the 49 handpicked pictures from our latest trip below.

We certainly hope you enjoy what you see. If everything goes right, our gallery will inspire you to explore Denmark for yourself next summer. Need a little help in planning exactly what to see? No worries, The Danish Nomads have got you covered. To get you started on the planning, we have prepared a short itinerary for one of the Danes’ most loved holiday destinations of the entire country. Here we refer to a place known as Skagen – the top of Denmark. This would be a perfect place to include on your Denmark itinerary. Start there, and then google your way around the nearby area of Northern Jutland. You can also check out the official tourism board, which highlights some truly remarkable places.

If you have read the post but still need some more advice, feel free to give us a shout in the comments below or contact us through social media. We want your trip to be unforgettable and for you to fall in love with our cute little Kingdom of Denmark. 

Wide Danish Beach at Vesterhavet under a blue sky in Denmark
An unbelievably beautiful sunset at Old Skagen in Denmark
Aerial view of Lokken in Denmark
Sunset above Juelsminde in Denmark
the tiny white beach houses that can be found on Lokken beach in Denmark
A red tractor standing on a yellow field in Denmark
Aerial view of the tip of Juelsminde in Denmark
aerial view of the surfers at Lokken beach in Denmark
Surfers all over at Lokken beach in Denmark
Kia walking down Lokken beach with paragliders all around
Nick watching out on the endless seas at Vesterhavet in Denmark
A front view of the white beach houses at Lokken in Denmark
The Danish beach side at Rubjerg Knude in Denmark
Nick walking around the sand dune at Rubjerg Knude in Denmark
Kia resting in the sand in front of Rubjerg knude lighthouse in Denmark

Travel Video

Maybe you prefer video over still-images? Then check out our travel inspiration video based on our summer in Denmark! We hope you like it! If you do, please take a look at the rest of the videos on our YouTube channel as well.

The Perfect Summer in Denmark

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