44 Pieces of Picturesque Evidence Proving That The High Tatras of Slovakia Are Underrated

Have you ever heard about the High Tatras? If not, don’t fret. Not a lot of people have. After you look through the photos in this post, you’ll see that this is a real shame though.

The High Tatras is a beautiful mountain range located in between Poland and Slovakia. If you don’t know that those are two countries in Eastern Europe then, unfortunately, we can’t help you. However, if you are equipped with basic knowledge of geography, then please read on! It should be a quick read because really this post is all about the pictures.

Before going to the High Tatras ourselves, we struggled to find good sources of information for the possible hikes in the area. It quickly turned out that it was pretty much only tourists from the neighbouring countries visiting. We were quite perplexed by this already back then, for two reasons. 1) The location of the High Tatras in the middle of Europe is quite accessible, and 2) the few pictures we saw online looked absolutely beautiful. However, after having seen the mountains with our own eyes, we are now wondering even more!

When we arrived in Slovakia on our little adventure, we weren’t expecting much to be honest. Yeah, we had low expectations because, surely, if there were anything great to see here, more foreign tourists would show up. Well? We were blown away!

These mountains deserve A LOT more credit. The High Tatras are completely underrated – but don’t take our word for it. Just look through the pictures in this post and judge for yourself.

We spent a week there, falling in love with the jagged mountains on various, beautiful, day hikes. Now we want to spread the news to you guys. We know you might not be convinced right away, but this post is intended to serve as evidence, and will hopefully persuade you to put Slovakia on your bucket list. We mostly saw Slovaks and Polaks wandering these amazing trails but seriously guys; you should get out there with them. Join the party.

Take a look at the photos below. We certainly hope you enjoy them and like what you see. If everything goes right, our gallery will inspire you to go explore Slovakia – and the High Tatras in particular.

Maybe you need a little help planning your trip? No worries, as usual, The Danish Nomads got you covered. Start out by heading over to the little post we wrote about hiking to Rysy – the tallest mountain in Poland. That’s right. Although you are starting out from Slovakia, you will be able to cross the border to Poland, on a day hike, and conquer the tallest peak they’ve got. We promise it is a lovely hike and will give you a great sense of achievement. Many of the pictures in this very post come from that epic climb.

We have written two other posts about Slovakia as well: One is a complete guide to Hiking in the High Tatras, while the other one is about a little known, but very adventurous, day hike called Sucha Bela in the Slovak Paradise National Park.

If you have read the post, but still need some more advice, feel free to give us a shout in the comments below or contact us through social media. We want your trip to be unforgettable and for you to fall in love with these fantastic mountains.

Just like we did! 

Unfortunately, we never managed to make it to the capital of Slovakia. If that’s what you are after, check out this post about 10 things to do in Bratislava from one of our travel blogging colleagues!

The High Tatras mountain range in clouds
The Danish Nomads in front of a beautiful lake in Slovakia
Road leading towards the High Tatras
Nick on the trail in the Slovak Paradise
Mountain views in the High Tatras
The High Tatras during sunset
Kia calmly enjoying the magnificent High Tatras mountain views
Kia enjoying the views of a foggy valley near the High Tatras
Nick at the Polish side of the Rysy mountain
Aerial view of a mountain lake and a foggy valley
Nick in the High Tatras
Lake reflections in Slovakia
Hiking into the woods in the High Tatras
A valley covered in fog

Travel Video

Maybe you prefer video over still-images? Then check out our travel inspiration video based on our week hiking in the High Tatras! We hope you like it! If you do, please take a look at the rest of the videos on our YouTube channel as well.

Hiking in the Amazing High Tatras Mountains of Slovakia

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