Welcome to Europe!

Some of you reading this page will be Europeans yourself, hoping to find a little inspiration for travelling around your own backyard. Others will be from across the pond, looking for that romantic European getaway you’ve always dreamt about. Wherever you might come from, or whatever your goal might be, don’t worry! We’ve got something for all of you.

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Remember, if you’re looking for somewhere not on the list, feel free to reach out via social media. We’ve travelled around most of Europe, so we probably have some useful tips and tricks for that place as well. We are a little backlogged here on the blog, but we’d love to help!

Where to next?
The raw and wild beaches of Denmark, the mountains of France, the Icelandic highlands or perhaps the rolling hills of Tuscany? Europe is as diverse as a box of Belgian chocolates and there’s something for every taste. Click on your dream destination below!