A Life of Adventure

We finally became full-time adventurers in the spring of 2019, but even before that we were traveling quite a bit more than everyone else we knew. Still, we have only experienced 40-odd countries. Whilst we don’t endorse visiting places just to tick them off a list, it can be eye-opening to keep track of such statistics. Our personal goal is to visit 60 countries before we turn 30 and after that we want to keep going at the same rate. Visiting at least 2 new countries a year will ensure that we continue broadening our horizon and hopefully keep us at the edge of our travel comfort zone for the rest of our lives. And we still won’t have seen the whole world until we are 100 years old! Yes, another weekend trip to Paris is an excellent use of your time, but it’s not going to change you as a person. It will not expand your horizon or teach you much about different cultures. If you have only a few weeks of holiday a year, you will really have to make the days count. This is true both for the young and for the old. You are only fooling yourself by thinking Hey! I’m still young I can travel when I retire.  The brutal honest truth is that you might not make it to retirement. And if you do you might be disappointed by what that entails. People tend to have these magic wonderland expectations of retirement, but in reality you have probably not saved up as much as you would have liked or your health might already be deteriorating. There is really no saying when you’ll kick the bucket so remember to live your life now. And even if you are already retired, don’t worry, it’s always better late than never. Don’t be having any regrets, but do get started on your adventure right now! 

60 countries before 30
... in progress

Where to next?

Planet Earth is a magical wonderland, with an endless supply of mysterious and exciting regions just waiting to be explored. By you of course. If you need a little help getting started you can just pick a highlighted area on the map below (if you are reading this on your phone or tablet, choose your country in the table instead). We only write about places we have truly experienced ourselves and we do it honestly. No filter. You get the positives and the negatives. But please don’t give up on a country just because we say so. Travel is for everyone and everyone travels differently. Create your own adventures!

World Placeholder
We have a number of destination guides in the pipeline for countries we have already visited and our first year of full-time travel has been busy as well. We already have fixed plans to visit several new destinations and in due time we will, of course, be writing posts, pages and newsletters giving you all the best tips and tricks. We only want to give you content of the highest quality, which takes time to create, so please bear with us. Meanwhile, to receive live updates (including plenty of travel advice as well) we will be very active on social media

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