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Hello fellow traveller, and welcome to the adventurous section of The Danish Nomads.

Everyone has their own idea about what constitutes a proper adventure. There are many different definitions, most of which have one thing in common: Adding an element of risk. However, as self-proclaimed adventurers, on a full-time basis, we naturally have our very own opinion about what adventure travel is.

To us, adventure travel is simply when we put ourselves outside of our travel comfort zone. This usually involves trying something new, which creates memories so epic that they will stay with us forever.

It doesn’t have to be a particularly risky activity, although often it will have a perceived element of risk. Take skydiving, for example. Statistically, a tandem skydive jump will be fatal in roughly 1 of every 300,000 jumps. If you jump just one time in your life, that is then your lifetime risk of dying in a skydiving accident. Now take a guess at your lifetime risk of succumbing to injuries from a car crash?

1 in every 100 people. That means you have a terrifying 1% chance of dying from a car accident. For tandem skydiving, the number is a meagre 0.0003%

Skydiving obviously has a perceived element of risk – many people fear that the chute won’t open. But as you can see, in reality, it is not dangerous at all.

This brings us to an important message. Please don’t live your life being afraid of stupid s***. Remember that life is short and try to live it to the fullest. If you have always wanted to try skydiving, but are feeling too afraid, then suppress that irrational fear and go jump. That’s the only way to expand your comfort zone – you simply need to get out of it.

That’s why the travel comfort zone is at the heart of our adventure travel definition. However, life is too short to be able to experience everything and everywhere. That’s why we focus on those activities which will create epic, lasting memories. Adventures that we can think back on as we grow old. One of the techniques we use to achieve such a focus is an old-school bucket list.

Based on our definition of adventure travel, a lot of our experiences fall into this category! And that’s entirely intentional. Whenever we go travelling, we feel a sense of adventure. That’s what got us hooked. That’s why we keep travelling, and that’s why we have created this blog. We want to help you go on real adventures.

Remember, it is okay that your adventure adds a small element of risk. “Small” is a keyword here, because, with too much risk, you quickly go from adventurous to dangerous to downright stupid. Don’t drink and drive, don’t take drugs, don’t do any of that stupid s*** and you will be okay. Seriously, stay critical and reasonable, but don’t let irrational fears hold you back – you will regret it so much later in life.

Infographic about irrational fears versus reality

To help you get right out there on your next adventure, we have collected our best adrenaline-inducing experiences below. We will constantly be adding to the list, and don’t worry, there are many more to come.

Stay tuned. We really hope to inspire and motivate you to go live a true life of adventure!

Tales of Adventure

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Kia getting ready to paraglide down a snow-covered mountain
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