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WELCOME TRAVELLER to The Danish Nomads. We are Nick & Kia, self-diagnosed travel addicts, and adventurers. We are so psyched that you are here – even if you reached this page by accident! Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves properly, we know you guys and girls are super busy, so we’ll get straight to business. 

THE DANISH NOMADS is the name of our travel blog. Why is that? Because we are just two regular people, from Denmark, travelling the world together. We spend very little time in our home country, not because something is rotten there, but because we prefer a nomadic lifestyle. For the uninitiated, this means we don’t like to stay in the same place for long. We have been hit by wanderlust and have a strong urge to explore everything and anywhere this wonderful planet has to offer. Simple as that.

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OUR GOAL is first and foremost to inspire and motivate people to travel more. Too many people are pissing life away, instead of living the life of their dreams. It’s very close to our hearts getting that stopped. We want to push you out of your travel comfort zone and show you what life is all about! Secondly, we wish to help and guide our readers to have the best possible experience during their travels. This includes tips and tricks to save your hard-earned wonga, sharing the best itineraries and advising you on where, when and why to go on your next adventure. We are going to go all-in delivering as much quality travel advice as possible, always based on our own experiences as full-time explorers. In short: We will help you travel more and better. Just be careful of the infamous travel bug – as you follow us, heed our advice and start to travel more you might quickly end up infected. Your life will never be the same again… But is that really such a bad thing?

WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO US? Because we know what we are talking about. We quit our jobs, sold all our possessions and are now travelling the world on a full-time basis. We are living the dream, baby!  Okay, maybe it is not that simple, but still, we are starting to accumulate quite some travel knowledge, and although we haven’t seen the world in its entirety yet, our Destinations page keeps on growing. You can follow some of our stats below:

Countries visited
Flights boarded
Hours spent on a plane
Kilometers travelled

Impressive stats, right? Well, we might as well be upfront about this: There is a considerable dark side to our way of living. Our travels have a significant impact on the environment, and this is something we are deeply concerned about. We are in love with Planet Earth, and we want our own and future generations to be able to enjoy it as we have (and still are). Feel free to head over to our Eco Travel Guide to learn more about what we are doing and what you can do to minimise the impact of your travels. 

You can get a lot of smaller stories from our travels and about us in general via social media. We’ll regularly post travel stories and updates mixed with a dash of useful travel-related tips and tricks. Not least, we would love to hear from you, so please feel free to throw us a message!

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